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Faridkot City
The city of Faridkot (ਫ਼ਰੀਦਕੋਟ) bears his name. According to legend, Farīd stopped by the city, then named Mokhalpūr, and sat in seclusion for forty days near the fort of King Mokhal. The king was said to be so impressed by his presence that he named the city after Bābā Farīd, which today is known as Tilla Bābā Farīd. The festival Bābā Sheikh Farād Āgman Purb Melā’ is celebrated in September each year, commemorating his arrival in the city. Ajodhan was also renamed as Farīd’s ‘Pāk Pattan’, meaning ‘Holy Ferry’; today it is generally called Pāk Pattan Sharīf.

Baba Farid ji visited a city called Mokhalpur, now it is called Faridkot in honor of the Baba Farid ji, it is the Indian part of Punjab. Then he turned towards the Punjabi mountains where he converted a tribe. Baba Farid ji remained there for six months and then he locked up the house in which he had dwelt, saying that his successor would open it, and then returned to Pakpattan. As his successor Diwan Taj-ul-Din was returning from a pilgrimage to Makka and Madina, he happened to visit that part of the country. He asked people their tribe name, they said they were descendents of Qutub-ul-Alam Baba Farid Shakarganj. And thus Taj-ud-din opened up the door of Baba Farid ji’s hut hundreds of years later.

The Dera of Baba Farid, associated with the Saint of that name after whom the town, tehsil and district are named, is a notable shrine in Faridkot, and it is held in high esteem by all classes of people. The residents pay respect at the Dera every Thursday. A big fair is held here annualy on the birth day of the Saint on 8th Asuj of the Bikrami Samvat. The Fort, the Palace, the Guest House, the samadhies of the ruling family, the secretariat of the erstwhile Faridkot State in which now the district courts and offices are housed and the Clock Tower are other places of historical interest in the town. There is a Stadium at Faridkot known as the Victory Stadium constructed before independence by the Maharaja, which can accommodate lakhs of spectators.

Faridia Islamic University, a religious madrassa in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan, is named after him,and in July 1998, the Punjab Government in India established the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences at Faridkot, the city which itself was named after him